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Amir Esrafilian
Early stage researcher(Ph.D. Student)

Biomechanics of knee joint, Multiscale modeling

Personal information

  • Phone: +358 (0)44 9655661
  • Room: Me/331
  • Email: amir.esrafilian[at] (please fix the address before mailing!)

  • Current research interests: Computational modeling; Musculoskeletal modeling; Multiscale Modeling; Biomechanics of soft tissues; Knee osteoarthritis;

  • Education:
    • MSc Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2012.
    • BSc Mechanical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, 2010.

  • Language proficiency:
    • Persian, native language
    • English, fluent
    • Finnish, Basic

  • Skills:
    • Abaqus
    • Catia
    • Matlab
    • C++
    • C#
    • Fortran

  • Hobbies:
    • Travel
    • Campping
    • Movies
    • Football


(full papers, conference proceedings)
  1. Karimi, M.,Salami, F., Esrafilian, A., Heitzmann, D., Alimusaj, M.,Putz, C.,Wolf, S., Sound side joint contact forces in below knee amputee gait with an ESAR prosthetic foot. Gait & posture, vol. 58: 246-251, 2017.

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  6. Karimi, M., Esrafilian, O., Esrafilian, A., Amiri, P., Sedigh, J., Fatoye, F., Determination of the influence of walking with orthosis on bone osteoporosis in paraplegic subjects based on the loads transmitted through the body Clinical Biomechanics, vol. 28, is. 3: 325-329, 2013.

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  12. Amiri, P., Sedigh, J., Esrafilian, A., Karimi, M., An analytical approach to investigate arm free standing of a paraplegic subject while using a new HKAFO orthosis IEEE International Conference on Cyber Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems (CYBER), 2012

  13. Esrafilian, A., Karimi, M., Sedigh, J., Jamshidi, N., Amiri, P., A New Approach to Measure Stability during Quiet Standing International Proceedings of Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering, vol. 34, 101-106, 2012.

Contact: +358 29 4451111 (Switch), email: bbc-l [at]