Scope of research

We are a group of medical physicists and doctors active in the field of Biophysics of Bone and Cartilage. Our BBC-group has a twenty year experience in cartilage and bone research. Most of us are young researchers conducting our Ph.D. studies in the group.

We apply quantitative physical techniques for the characterization of normal cartilage and bone structure and properties. Also, we focus on the development of new physical techniques for the sensitive diagnostics of osteoarthrosis (OA) and osteoporosis, the most challenging diseases of our musculoskeletal system. Our experimental methods include mechanical, acoustic (ultrasound), magnetic resonance (MR) and quantitative microscopic techniques, applied for in vitro, in situ and/or in vivo studies. Analytic and computational (finite element analysis) techniques are used to model experimental findings.

We have an active national and international collaboration. Most of our activities take place in Departments of Applied Physics and Anatomy, University of Kuopio as well as at the Department of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine and Department of Surgery, Kuopio University Hospital and A. I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Finland.

This web-site lets you learn more about us and our work. Please, get familiar with our research fields, the instrumentation we use in mechanical, ultrasound, MRI and microscopic studies. More detailed information is available on the BBC-members and their publications.
Contact: +358 29 4451111 (Switch), email: bbc-l [at]