Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Raman spectroscopy devices

We have the following FTIR and Raman spectroscopy devices at our disposal at SIB-Labs at the University of Eastern Finland.

Perkin Elmer Spotlight 300

We have Perkin Elmer Spotlight 300 FTIR microscope for rapid spectroscopic imaging. The instrument can be used for transmission and reflection measurements. The two-in-one (NBMCT array and MBMCT single element) detector offers exceptional detection range (7800-700 cm-1 for imaging and 7800-600 cm-1 for point mode). Pixel size of either 6.25 µm or 25 µm can be used for imaging. For point measurements, the pixel size can be freely adjusted.

Figure 1. Perkin Elmer Spotlight 300 FTIR microscope.

Thermo Nicolet Nexus 8700

For traditional FTIR spectroscopy, we have Thermo Nicolet Nexus 8700 spectrometer. Nexus 8700 is equipped with extended beamsplitter, two light sources, DTGS and middleband MCT detectors and various sampling options. With extended-range optics, Nexus can be used to collect spectra from 11 000 to 375 cm-1.

Figure 2. Thermo Nicolet 8700 FTIR spectrometer.

Bruker Senterra

Bruker Senterra is a dispersive Raman microscope spectrometer. The microscope is equipped with two excitation lasers (785 nm and 532 nm). Single point and mapping measurements can be conducted with the Senterra microscope.

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