Scanning Acoustic Microscope - TicoTico

Scanning acoustic microscope TicoTico enables ultrasonic measurements over a wide frequency range. TicoTico can drive ultrasound transducers with centre frequency roughly up till 350 MHz (beam diameter at focus ~ 4 m). Pulser-Receiver can be used for pulse-echo and through-transmission measurements. The scanning area in x-y direction is 300 mm and in z direction 50 mm (Zaber). For smoother and more precise scanning, SAM equipment is placed on a custom built vibration isolated table with a mass equal to a big Harley Davidson. Liquid filled measurement tanks are temperature controlled and can be manually adjusted to obtain perfect alignment between the transducer and the sample.


DPR500 Dual pulser/Receiver board (JSR Ultrasonics):
Receiver 500 MHz - Gain: -22 to +50 dB
Receiver 50 MHz Gain: -13 to +55 dB
0.001 500 MHz frequency range
LabVIEW controlled pulser and receiver parameters
Internal low and high pass filters
ADQ 112 Analog-to-Digital converter board (SP Devices):
1.1 GHz sampling rate
12-bits digitizer resolution
170 MSamples data memory
LabView controlled

Fig 1. Scanning Acoustic Microscope.

Intra Vascular Ultrasound - IVUS

A clinical high frequency intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) device (ClearView Ultra, Boston Scientific Corporation, San Jose, CA, USA), equipped with an 9 and 40 MHz ultrasound catheters enables ultrasound imaging and determination of reflection and backscattering parameters.


9 MHz: diameter = 2.8 mm, -6 dB bandwidth 7.1-11.0 MHz
40 MHz, 6 dB bandwidth, 30.1 to 45.3 MHz
Data acquisition:
Sampling frequency of 250 MHz and resolution of 8 bits using a digital oscilloscope (LeCroy Corporation, Wave Runner 6051A, Chestnut Ridge, NY, USA)

US - Key

US-Key is small sized pulser-receiver controlled via USB interface. Thus, it is in use for portable solutions and quick tests on the laboratory. US-key can be operated in both, Pulse echo and through transmission modes.


US-key Pulser/Receiver board (Lecoeur Electronique):
- 6 dB bandwidth : 540 KHz to 18 MHz
Pulser 30 230 V, with steps of a 5 V
Pulse width (-6 dB) 16.6 480 ns, with steps of a 6 ns
Pulse fall time 5.2 - 7.8 ns
LabVIEW controlled pulser and receiver parameters
US-key Analog-to-Digital converter:
160 MHz samping rate - Gain: 0 to +80 dB
12-bit resolution
LabView controlled

Fig 2. US key.

Scanning Acoustic Microscope (Old) - UltraPAC

UltraPAC-system (Physical Acoustics Corporation, Princetown, NJ, USA) is mostly suitable for measurements at frequencies from 200kHz to 100MHz. The A/D-board (PAC-AD-500) enables measurements using a sample rate up to 500 MHz. The UltraPAC system is also equipped with a tank and scanning drives which enables A-, B- or C-mode measurements in pulse-echo or through-transmission geometry.


PAC-IPR-100 pulser receiver board:
105 dB dynamic range receiver
Gain: -25 to +80 dB programmable in 1 dB steps
0.2 100 MHz frequency range
LabVIEW controlled pulser and receiver parameters
Up to 400 Vdc spike pulser with < 5nSec rise time
Internal lowpass and highpass filters (18 dB/oct rolloff)
PAC-AD-500 Analog-to-Digital converter board:
500 MHz base conversion rate
100 MHz bandwith 3 dB, X1 and X10 gain
External, internal or analog threshold triggering
Input: range +/-0.1 V or +/- 1.0 V, impedance 50 ohms to 1 k ohms, bandwith 100 kHz to 100 MHz
8-bit linear resolution, dynamic range > 42 dB
LabVIEW controlled

Fig 3. UltraPAC.

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